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STAR Scholars Network

STAR is a trans-national forum of scholars advancing global social mobility through innovative research and progressive advocacy efforts. The mission of STAR Scholars Network is to create, and share published scholarly research focused on international education by facilitating academic exchange across the globe.

Nepal Open University

Nepal Open University (the first and only one Open University in Nepal) is a leading higher education institution in the country. The university providing higher education and training to the students especially for the rural, remote and marginalized populations. For detail www.nou.edu.np  

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Advisory Board

  • Prof. Lekhnath Sharma, PhD
  • Mr. Kamal Dhakal
  • Prof. Ram Chandra Paudel, Ph.D

Program Committee Members

  • Dr. Ruma Mandndhar
  • Anila Jha
  • Yadu Prasad Gyawali
  • Atma Ram Bhattarai
  • Babita Parajuli
  • Ganesh Paudel

Conference Convener

  • Dr. Jeevan Khanal, Ph.D

Conference Program-Committee Chairman

  • Dr. Karna Rana

Conference Chairman

  • Dr. Edward J. Valeau

Thematic and Review Committee

Star Conference 2020 has incorporated the special address of the Special guest, Noam Chomsky. Similarly, the keynote speeches of the renowned Scholars around the globe, panel discussion in the current issue and …… concurrent sessions related to the themes by the presenters from home and abroad will be the main events of the conference.

The professionals, researchers, scholars and students from multiple disciplines can register the program.

Conference Platform: Zoom

Nepal Open University is hosting the 2020 Star Conference. We are seeking proposals in a wide range of online, open and distance learning education– including new technologies, online administration, quality assurance and accreditation, accessibility, creating presence, diversity, new techniques, program administration, course and program design, equity, and inclusion, emerging techniques and technologies, and faculty growth.

Presenters and participants registration and need to direct the information to the email starnouconference@gmail.com